Created by Richie Lin, founder and CEO of MUME Hospitality Group, and Thai Michelin Chef, Thitid Tassanakajohn (Chef Ton), the restaurant has received consecutive Michelin recommendations for several years.

We insist on crafting our sauces and curries by hand daily, preserving the freshest flavors and aromas of spices. We believe that treating each ingredient with care and executing every step meticulously is the key to showcasing the deliciousness of food and our respect for this land.

Beyond a mere gustatory memory, we view gastronomy as an art form that encapsulates and imparts profound beliefs. “baan” means “home” in Thai, and we want everyone to savor authentic Thai home-cooked dishes. We aspire to create a sense of “home” for all our guests dining at baan. May the taste of “baan” become an everlasting epitome of unforgettable bliss, no matter how far your journey takes you.

Group Booking: Ideal for Gatherings and Celebrations!

At B1, our private booth offers a cozy South-East Asian ambiance with wooden and bamboo furnishings, complemented by Thai-inspired decor. Perfect for groups of 8-20, it provides a private, undisturbed space for gatherings with friends and family, corporate events, or parties.

Indulge in delicious food and drinks, capture unforgettable moments, and create lasting memories in our private room. For events with over 20 attendees, please inquire about our restaurant buyout services. Additionally, we offer business projector and screen facilities, making it an excellent choice for corporate functions or brand collaborations.

Call (02) 2711-0528 now for personalized service!

Corporate Events

For company gatherings like year-end banquets, spring parties, product launches, and departmental dinners, baan is your ultimate venue for exclusive bookings!

Special Collaboration

We regularly host events like wine and food tastings, meticulously pairing cuisine to create a one-of-a-kind flavor exploration experience.

Party Events

We offer private bookings for a variety of personal celebrations, including birthday parties, family gatherings, small parties, reunions, proposals, baby shower, and more!

Join Us

Learn Thai cuisine from the best : At baan, a Michelin Plate-awarded Thai restaurant in Bangkok. Renowned Thai chefs will guide you in crafting authentic dishes.

Unlock career potential with comprehensive training: Diverse rotations among group restaurants with limitless growth prospects.

Inclusive work environment : We value capability more than experience. Enjoy staff training/ perks like wine tasting sessions, book clubs, and daily access to delectable staff meals in Taipei.