Autumn Crab Thai Delights

10/5(四)-11/5 (日)

Autumn Crab Thai Delights
Rich Thai Flavors × Sweet and Plump Autumn Crabs
Book your table from 10/5 to 11/5 to savor a quartet of crab delights!

/ Dry-fried yellow curry with soft shell crab /
Crispy soft-shell crabs stir-fried with yellow curry powder and salted egg yolk, offering a rich and savory flavor.

/ Stir-fried yellow curry with crab /
Tender sand crabs with rich crab roe, combined with yellow curry sauce for a delicious and aromatic taste.
(Limited availability, requires 3-day pre-order)

/ Raw marinated crabs in fish sauce /
Fresh virgin red crabs marinated in high-salt fish sauce for 2-3 days, highlighting the unique flavor of crab roe, perfect with Thai fragrant rice.

/ Red Crab Seafood Porridge /
For those who prefer milder flavors, we recommend reserving half a red crab and cooking it on-site for an additional $199, turning it into a delightful seafood porridge with warm and richly flavorful!

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