Happy Birthday, Baan Taipei! Let’s Eat To5ether! 🍲
Limited edition 5th-anniversary dishes available 12/6 – 1/7!

In Thailand, Suki Sauce is a dipping sauce designed for Thai hot pots. It features the bold flavours of Chef Ton’s secret recipe, carefully selected authentic Thai ingredients, including fresh minced garlic, roasted white sesame, and a special sauce made from three types of dried chilli.

🌶️ Tom Yum hotpot
Prepared by simmering shrimp broth with homemade chilli paste, adding various aromatic spices. Served with a combination of “US Choice Grade Beef” and “Selected Plum Blossom Pork” slices, dip them in the specially crafted hot pot sauce for a rich aroma.

🌶️ Thai-style pork ribs
Pork ribs marinated in Suki Sauce, grilled over a direct charcoal flame, creating a rich and spicy barbecue flavor.

🌶️ Stir-Fried pork rice noodles
Stir-fried with aromatic spices over high heat, mixed with pork, suki sauce, oyster sauce, and sugar. Every bite captures the wok fragrance, the spiciness of the spices, and the savoury taste of the sauce.

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