Happy Mother’s Day!

For moms, the daily exchange of greetings, the occasional video call every week or month, even these interactions sometimes outweigh sharing a meal together.

In Thai, “baan” means home. This Mother’s Day, let’s come home to “baan” with mom and enjoy a meal together! 🙌🏻

💗 On 5/4, 5/5, 5/11, and 5/12, for two consecutive weekends, take mom out for a meal, snap some photos, and you could stand a chance to get a TASTE by MMHG’s “I Cheesecake U” chocolate cheesecake (valued at $880).

➤ Limited quantity, available until stocks last.

Book a Thai surprise feast for mom right now!💕 https://cutt.ly/4wGZoVUd
Or call us to at 02-2711-0528!